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Blood Type Diet O

Blood Type Diet O Overview

People with type O blood are referred to as The Hunter according to D'Adamo and blood type diet O. Blood Type O unlock their full potential with intense exercise and animal protein, their digestive tracts are still the same as ancient times.

The Hunter

  • Meat eater
  • immune system is over-active
  • intolerance to diet and environmental Changes
  • best response to stress with intense physical activity
  • needs an efficient metabolism in order to become energetic and lean

Blood Type Diet O - The history

As already pointed out, blood type O thrives on intense exercise and consumption of protein from animals. The history of the O type blood plays a large role in the diet the hunter gatherers had high-protein diets and a high demand of physical activity. The blood diet for O type blood most likely was responsible for keeping the body in a state known as Ketosis. Ketosis is a condition of the body when the metabolism changes. Ketosis is the breakdown of fat in the body which breaks down in to keytones and used to fuel the body. This can be achieved on the blood type diet O because the diet contains high protein and high fat levels, along with very little carbohydrates. The high levels of fat and protein are made in to keytones, then used by the body rather than sugars to keep glucose levels at a steady rate.

Blood Type Diet O recommendations

Today health authorities discourage the consumption of too much meat and animal protein, saturated fats have shown to be a risk factor for heart disease. This may be put down to the way in which meat is cultivated, hormones and antibiotics that can be used. Recommendations point in the direction of free range and organic meats which are now more available than ever before. Other dietary recommendations for blood type diet O include:

  • lean organic meats
  • lean organic Poultry
  • organic fish

Food to avoid on the Blood Type Diet O

  • dairy products
  • grains

Theses types of foods are not as suitable for the hunters their digestive system has not adapted these foods became staple later in evolution. The O type diet "The Hunter" got its name from its ancestors roots when they used to have to hunt and kill what they ate.

How to lose weight on the Blood Type Diet O

By reducing the amount of grains, breads and pulses, you will begin to lose weight. The main cause for weight gain for type O blood is gluten which is present in whole wheat and wheat germ. This causes the opposite to keytosis interfering with the efficient use of calories.

Avoid sweetcorn it has the same effect as wheat germ,

Some pulses have letchins that go into the muscle tissue and are more alkaline and not as charged for use in physical activity.

On the O blood type diet, having slight metabolic acidity will make you more trim and leaner

Type O blood has a tendency to have lower levels of the hormone for the thyroid causing weight gain. This may be a direct result due to lack of iodine this is a condition referred to as hypothyroidism. Some of the symptoms include

  • weight gain,
  • water retention,
  • loss of muscle and fatigue.

You can eat a high amount of meat including, beef, lamb, fish etc. If you have a stressful job or high energy exercise regime, the body will need more protein. However, it is beneficial to remember the meat consumed needs to be lean, O type ancestors did not consume large amounts 5oz in any sitting is sufficient. Remember to balance meals as well as meat proteins the body requires vegetables and fruits and vegetables. This will help to steer your body away from being to acidic preventing the lining of the stomach becoming acidic or having ulcers.

Foods they can cause weight gain on the Blood Type diet O

Wheat gluten - can cause insulin production slowing down the metabolic weight loss Sweetcorn

kidney beans





Also Avoid:





Food the encourages weight loss on Blood Type diet O





red meat



Other beneficial foods includes









Food that are neutral on the Blood Type O Diet









Seafood should also be a vital component of your diet, highly beneficial and contains vitamin K is essential to prevent blood clotting. Although certain fish to avoid are catfish, caviar, octopus, smoked salmon and barracuda.

Dairy products need to be minimised on blood type diet O, the body's system is not designed for this type of food. There are no beneficial foods in this category especially if you are of an African descent, other descents of the O type blood may eat a small amount of dairy, for example, an occasional egg. This means on the blood type diet O it is crucial to take a supplement of calcium, especially if you are a woman. Some alternatives to dairy products are soya products, for example, soya milk and soya cheese.

People with O type blood use oils as an important source of nutrition especially linseed and olive oil. Certain oils need to be avoided, for example, corn oil and safflower oil.

Blood type diet O supplement recommendations

Sometimes supplements are needed on the blood type diet as certain food has been cut out, supplements for blood type O

Vitamin B- vitamin B rich foods are an excellent source, for example, meat, fish, nuts, dark and leafy vegetables and fruit.

Vitamin K- blood type O should have plenty of vitamin K in their diet, which can be, found in certain foods such as liver, egg yolk and broccoli,

Calcium- The blood type O diet excludes most dairy produce, so a supplement maybe required sardines and broccoli are excellent sources of calcium.

Iodine- not enough iodine can cause weight gain, tiredness and water retention, iodine supplements are not generally recommended. Foods containing iodine include seafood and salt-water fish.

Magnesium- primarily found in whole grains and pulses making it difficult for blood type O to have enough magnesium. Magnesium supplements are very rarely recommended, and manganese toxicity can be caused by taking them. These types of supplements should only be prescribed by your doctor.

Bladderwrack- seaweed from kelp is an excellent nutrient for the O type it includes iodine and fructose sugar.

Blood type diet O supplement to avoid

Vitamin A- O type blood are more likely to have slower blood clotting, vitamin A supplements can cause thinning of the blood. As with all vitamin supplements a doctor should be consulted first. Vitamin E -O type blood should avoid vitamin E supplements instead it should be consumed in foods such as vegetable oils, nuts and liver.

No diet should be undertaken without a doctors full advice, not all diets suit every person and if done incorrectly can be damaging to a person's health. This is a brief overview of the blood type diet for full, exhaustive information the book must be fully read. The book "Eat Right For Your Type" contains the full list of which foods are appropriate and sample menus. The book can be purchased from any good bookstore, and we have provided a link.