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Breast Enlargement

Through cosmetic surgery, a surgeon can increase and change the shape and the texture of your breasts by performing a breast enlargement. Breast implants are a surgical procedure which must be carried out by a qualified plastic surgeon. Breast implants are sometimes refereed to as breast augmentation, breast enlargement or boob job. There maybe many reason woman contemplate having a breast enlargement. Breast Enlargement

Common reasons for having a breast enlargement:

boost confidence and self-esteem

if you feel dissatisfied with the size of your breast

help you to feel better in your clothes

if one breast is larger than the other one

to recover the shape and size after breast feeding or large weight loss

your breast maybe no longer as firm

for reconstructive purpose due to breast cancer or other condition

Before a decision is made to have a breast enlargement like any surgical procedure, it should be properly considered you should know all the facts, and risks before making a decision. A reputable cosmetic surgeon will provide counseling prior to your breast enlargement, to discuss your reasons and make sure this is the right decision for the patient. When choosing which clinic to have the procedure carried out it is important to make sure the surgeon has been qualified to the right level. The experiance of the surgeon will have a huge impact on how well your breast enlargement will look. They should be accreted on the list held by the medical council. There is also BAAPs which stands for the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

Breast Enlargement

Choosing the right implant for your Breast enlargement

The patient will have a choice of the breast implant they want to use for their breast enlargement, the most common types being saline or silicon implants.

Saline implants vs silicon implants

Your surgeon will discuss with you which one is the best choice for you. The majority of surgeons believe silicon to be the better choice for breast enlargements if you want a more natural look and feel. Silicon has been said to have a texture that results in a more natural feel and look associated with breast tissue than saline. Silicone is not without its faults. The saline implants have a rubber shell these are made from silicone. The implants are filled with sterile saline until the desired size is achievedfor your breast enlargement. Most of these types of saline implants have a valve which can be sealed. Saline implants are available in two types one is filled entirely the other can be part filled and room left for further post operative adjustment if required.

-Silicone Cons

When using a silcone implant for a breast enlargement a rupture it is harder to detect, the breast can look and feel the same even though it could be leaking. It is harder to detect because it could be leaking into the surrounding area of the breast and there may be no visible signs, this can pose a serious health risk. They have a higher deflation rate and replacing them is a lot more difficult.

-Saline Cons

Saline implants do not look and feel as realistic as silicone breast enlargements.

Types of implants

There is a number of different types of breast implants to choose from, there are also different textures to consider. Textured implants reduce the risk of capsular contracture (tightening of the scar causing breast to harden), although it should be pointed out that there is no definite evidence to support this claim. Textured implants feel similar to sandpaper the smooth implants can be compared to the surface of a balloon.

Round Breast Implants

Round implants are available in both textures they are round in shape and tend to be not as expensive as the other shapes. Some woman believe they give you a less natural look than the other shapes available. However, the result of a breast enlargement is also dependant on the placement, experience of the surgeon, persons anatomy and how much tissue they have.

Teardrop Breast Implants

They have been designed to give a more natural look, sometimes they are referred to as anatomical implant. They are more abundant in volume at the bottom of the breast implant, this gives the impression of being oval from the front. To keep the implant in position after the breast enlargement, they are only available in a textured implant. This will ensure a more secure implant as this allows for tissue adherence.

Hydro gel implants

These have the safety of a saline breast implant, they also have the benefit of a gel implant. They give that natural look after a breast enlargement and are fully bio-compable. There is a positive reason for having this type of breast enlargement, if the implant does rupture or leak it will totally be absorbed by the body without causing any harm to the person.

Breast Enlargement

Remember it is important to consider all the risks and have all the facts before choosing to have Breast Enlargement surgery.