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Dealing with a break up

Dealing with a break up is hard, it can cause a lot of emotional baggage whether your on the receiving end or the one doing the breaking up. Here, is some advice on dealing with a relationship breaking down.

Do not try to get your Ex back

Once decided the relationship has come to the end of the line accept the relationship is over, this makes dealing with a break up much easier. Do not live in the hope that your ex partner will want to reconcile the relationship and come back.

Grieving helps when dealing with a break up

Dealing with a break up means allowing yourself to grieve and come to terms with the changes. Realisation that the person who you were in that relationship with is no longer there, allow your self to cry. Try giving your self a time limit to feel sad, upset and cry, a week is plenty of time to wallow.

When dealing with a break up Look after yourself

During a relationship break down it is easy to forget to take care of ourselves, replace them negative feelings by doing something you love. Dealing with a break up is hard, treat yourself to a pamper day, start a hobby or something to pamper yourself.

Friends & Family

When dealing with a break up turn to your friends and family for the support, they will want to be their for you.


When dealing with a break up allow time to heal, do not jump straight back in to another relationship. Emotions are still raw and could lead to bad choices and more heart break.


A relationship break up needs closure when the time is right, so you can move on, the phrase "out of sight out of mind" should be used. Dealing with a break up does not mean throwing and torching all your memories of him. Pack all his stuff away, photos, letters and any other keepsakes and put them somewhere out of sight. Items put to one side can be sorted through at a later date when things are not so raw, and you can think clearly.

Common Mistakes when dealing with a break up


Try to be friends

If you are still in love with your Ex then do not try to be friends, it makes dealing with a break up much harder. If for certain reasons you need to stay mutual, for example, children, pets or work, keep conversations short and precise to what you need to share.

Try to get revenge

Relationships do end from time to time they can be emotionally draining and rejection is hard to deal with. Everybody seeks out happiness, and revenge only ties you with the past and does not allow you to move on.