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Endometriosis symptoms

Endometriosis symptoms

Endometriosis symptoms are sometimes confused with other things and often goes unnoticed until it is in the later stages. Endrometriois is when cells similar to the ones that are in the lining of the womb grow on other organs for example, the ovaries. The cells have the same monthly development as the womb lining (endometrium) this can cause bleeding or swelling into one of the body cavities.

Endrometriosis sufferers usually fall in to the age group of between 25 -40 and is less common and thought to be rare inwoman aged under 20.

Endometriosis Symptoms

Endometiosis symptoms can vary from woman to woman, some woman will experience no symptoms of endometriosis at all. Due to some woman experiencing no endometriosis symptoms it may go undetected and only picked up when undergoing an internal examination.

For others endometriosis symptoms can causes pain in the pelvic area and can be confused with menstrual pains. Endometrosis is most commonly develops on the ovaries, the tissue that is responsible of holding the womb in place and or the fallopian tubes. Endometrosis can also form on other places in the body including:

  • Bladder
  • Bowel
  • pelvis
  • abdomen
  • Endometrosis extremely rarely forms in or around the lungs or the heart

    Other Endometriosis symptoms:

    Chronic Pelvic pain- chronic illnesses describe something that can last for a long period, it may even be with the for the rest of there lives. Chronic pelvic pain is clarified as pain in the pelvic region which is below the navel and between your hips. This can be a one of the endometriosis symptoms of it can be a condition of something else.

    Painful intercourse- The pain can be during or after intercourse and is another common symptom of endometriosis. People have described the pain as sharp, jabbing or stabbing pain, it can also feel like a deep ache. Sometimes this pain can be very mild and can range to excruciating.

    Changes in the menstrual cycle- spotting may be present before your actual period is due often referred to as spotting.

    Bleeding from the rectum- the uterine lining can occur in other organs for example, the pelvic area, bleeding from the rectum can indicate that this may have happened in the intestinal tract.

    Bowel Movements- Bowel symptoms is one of the common endometriosis symptoms, they can consist of:

    Painful bowel movements Constipation


    Alternating constipation and diarrhoea Intestinal cramping Nausea and/or vomiting Abdominal pain

    Rectal pain

    Rectal bleeding

    Endometriosis on the bowel can cause the lower abdomen pain especially when you have a bowel movement, blood may also be present in the stool. Fatigue- the cause of fatigue associated with endometriosis symptoms is unclear and not quite understood. Some doctors think it could be a reaction of the body due to inflammation.