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Fat Smash Diet

Dr Ian Smith M D famously known for celebrity Fit Club as the weight lose consultant , went on to develop The Fat Smash Diet. The Fat Smash Diet was originally developed to assist the celebrity contestants to lose weight during the show, after its success he developed the Extreme Fat Smash Diet.

What is the Fat Smash Diet?

The Fat Smash Diet is a four phase weight loss program that runs for 90 days, in addition to this it is designed to "smash" unhealthy habits, make lifestyle changes to eating and exercise. The aim of the fat smash diet is to totally rewire the body to change the persons lifestyle and relationship with food. Once the person has achieved the desired weight loss it then focuses on how to maintain it.. this is a flexible diet in which a wide variety of foods can be eaten including whole grains, fish, poultry, fresh produce, lean meats and healthy fats. With Dr Ian Smiths book, there are more than 50 recipes which are simple, the diet does not include calorie counting. The main principles of the Fat Smash Diet are

  • Eat four/five small meals daily but with at least three hours apart, the last thing you eat before bedtime must be at least hour before. This is to stop hunger pains and establish a regular eating pattern.
  • Small portions should be enough to feel full and contain fruit, vegetables, good carbohydrates foods should be raw, baked or grilled- not fried plenty of exercise
  • do not over eat
  • which ever phase of the diet you are on fresh fruit and vegetables are compulsory.

How to begin the Fat Smash Diet?

Before beginning any new diet medical advice should be taken not all diets suit every body. To start the Fat Smash Diet you need to record your pre diet weight. Find out you body mass index (BMI) Take photographs of your self.

The Smash Fat Diet can be seen as a pyramid consisting of four phases

Phases One of the Smash Fat Diet- 9 day detoxification

This is a natural detoxification and should not be confused with fasting, completed for nine days and consist of primarily fruit and vegetables. Some dairy is allowed, and egg whites may also be consumed, in this phases of the diet there is no portion limits. Phases one of the Fat Smash diets aim is to thoroughly clear the body of toxins, these toxins are the ones that come from processed foods. There is no alcohol or caffeine allowed which does make it easier to lose weight.

Phases one of the Smash Fat Diet includes

  • 30 minutes of aerobics per week, in addition a 20 minute walk after dinner.

The type of foods that should be consumed during phases one of the Fat Smash Diet include

  • Any fresh fruit and vegetables in what ever quantity desired, they should be eaten raw, streamed or grilled. At least one cup of fresh fruit or vegetable juice (not canned), one cup unsweetened oatmeal cooked, grits, farina, or cream of wheat up to four egg whites daily
  • lentils or chickpeas
  • Two cups of brown rice cooked
  • tofu
  • Sesame paste (tahini)- no more than two teaspoons per day maximum 2 pickles per day
  • 2 cups daily of nonfat or even low fat milk or soy milk 6oz of low fat yogurt
  • One to two teaspoons of low fat virgin olive oil used to grill vegetables, low fat dressing no more than three tablespoons per salad herbs and spices
  • No more than 2 cups of unsweetened decaffeinated herbal or green tea maximum of two tablespoons of artificial sweeteners. Water is unlimited

On the Fat Smash Diet during phase one certain foods are not allowed:

  • meat
  • bread
  • cheese, including soy cheese
  • fried food
  • nuts
  • fast food
  • desserts
  • soda
  • coffee
  • alcohol.

Canned foods should be rinsed thoroughly to remove excess salt.
Phase one only lasts for nine days but if dieters wish they can stay on the phase one part of the Fat Smash Diet for another two weeks, this is the maximum amount if time though.

Phase two of the Fat Smash Diet- three week foundation stage

The quantity of food during phase two is increased as well as the amount of exercise by around 10-15% over phase one. The amount of exercise now expected in phase two of the smash fat diet is 35 minutes five times a week. During phase two weight lifting and other anaerobic exercises are not recommended.

More foods are now added to what you are allowed to eat to include;

  • 3-4oz daily of lean meat which includes turkey,chicken or fish daily, pork is not allowed
  • an extra half a cup of unsweetened hot cereal for example wetabix
  • One whole egg
  • 1oz of cheese
  • 2 teaspoons of peanut butter
  • half of an avocado
  • up to four teaspoons of sugar or sweetener or if preferred one tablespoon of honey per day
  • as much herbs and spices as required

The foundation phase should be carried out for three weeks.

Phase three of the Fat smash Diet-four week construction phase

The four week construction stage of the fat smash diet requires the dieter to have at least four meals a day, at this point in the diet proteins and whole grains are added. In addition to this, phase three of the Fat Smash diet allows bigger portions, including large amounts of fruit and vegetables.

Exercise is increased by 25% to 45 minutes a day, Dr Smith recommends exercising twice daily this is thought to increase metabolism.

Foods added during phase three of the fat smash diet include

  • up to 5oz of meat daily, seafood still remains 3oz though two whole eggs daily
  • whole grain bread- up to four thin slices daily brown rice
  • 1 cup of whole wheat pasta
  • up to 16floz of fresh squeezed fruit juice up to 3 cups of skimmed or soy milk daily 1.3oz of low fat cheese daily
  • fat free mayonnaise
  • one dessert spoon of low fat ice cream 2 cans of diet soda
  • 1oz (300ml) of coffee

During phase three of the Fat Smash Diet, Dr Ian Smith recommends that phase one should be followed for one day in the week. If by the end of phase three of the Fat Smash Diet your weight loss goals have not been reached then phases 1-3 can be repeated.

Phase four of the Fat smash Diet- The Temple

During the final phase of the Fat Smash Diet, known as the maintenance stage any foods and all types of foods are allowed. Including white starches for example potatoes and white rice in limited amounts and up to three glasses of wine or beer per week . Phase four of the Fat Smash Diet entails an hour of moderate to intense exercise that includes weight training, five times per week . If any weight is regained the dieter can return to phase one for another week.

The Extreme Fat Smash Diet

The extreme fat smash diet, for people who want to lose weight at a faster rate, this is achieved by raising a persons metabolism. Doing the extreme Fat Smash Diet you could lose up to 12lbs in the first three weeks by pushing your self beyond your normal limits. The principle is the same as The Fat Smash Diet healthy food, portion control and exercise only eat enough to satisfy hunger. (See More on extreme fat smash)

The Benefits of the Fat Smash Diet

The Fat Smash Diet, a healthy balanced and quite flexible plan, the diet can be sustained which allows unlimited fruit and vegetables. The Fat Smash Diet is all about portion control and calorie control, and emphasize heavily on regular exercise. Smith also claims the Fat Smash diet also:

detoxifies the body

promoting rapid weight loss

Teaches sustainable weight-maintenance skills reduces the risk of diet-related disease leads to a healthier lifestyle.

What precautions to consider

The Fat Smash Diet can be difficult to adapt to mainly in the first phase as the calorie restriction is quite severe.

Risks of the Fat Smash Diet

There are not that many risks with the Fat Smash Diet is a healthy well balanced diet with unlimited fruit and vegetables. The Extrme Fat Smash Diet may cause to rapid weight loss.

With any diet it is always beneficial to consult your doctor as certain diets do not suit every body, here are some questions you may want to ask your doctor.

Is the fat smash diet plan a reasonable approach for me to lose weight?

How much weight do I need to lose? Should I make any adjustments in following the plan?

Should I take any vitamins or other supplements while on this plan?

Is the exercise required by the plan suitable for me?

Is the extreme fat smash diet a healthy option for me?