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Eat Smart: foods to avoid in pregnancy

foods to avoid in pregnancy The majority of foods can be enjoyed, but there are certain foods to avoid in pregnancy, to prevent damage to your unborn child. Certain foods should be entirely avoided, whilst others recommended being cut down.

Foods to avoid in pregnancy - Liver

Liver and other liver products include high levels of iron and folate, but they also contain high levels of vitamin A. excessive amounts of vitamin in may be harmful to a developing baby especially in the first three months. The department of health has set recommendations that liver, liver sausage pate, cod liver oil and other liver products are foods to avoid in pregnancy. To maintain a healthy pregnancy does not mean the need to avoid all foods containing vitamin A such as whole milk, oily fish and green leafy vegetables.

Foods to avoid in pregnancy - Pate

Any pate should be avoided during a pregnancy pate can contain harmful bacteria Listeria, responsible for listeriosis. For the mother, this can cause mild flu symptoms, but in a developing fetus, it can cause serious illness leading to miscarriage, still birth or health problems.

Foods to avoid during pregnancy - Certain Cheeses

Foods to avoid in pregnancy include ceratin cheeses, mould-ripened cheeses or cheese with blue veins, for example, bree, stilton can also contain listeria. Other cheeses, such as, cheddar do not need to be avoided during pregnancy and can be an excellent source of calcium.

Foods to avoid during pregnancy - raw and lightly cooked eggs

Foods for pregnant woman to avoid is eggs which have been cooked lightly or raw eggs that maybe in home made mayonnaise, icecream and mousse. The reason these are food to avoid in pregnancy is because they could contain selomella, the bacteria which causes food poisoning. Eggs cooked thoroughly and properly should be fine.

Foods to avoid in pregnancy - Shark, swordfish and marlin

It is recommended that a pregnant woman should reduce the amount tuna they consume to two portions or four medium cans. Certain types of fish need to be avoided altogether in pregnancy, shark, marlin and swordfish contain high amounts of methylmercury. These foods should be avoided in pregnancy altogether and can harm the unborn babies nervous system.

Foods to avoid in pregnancy- Raw meats/poulty

Raw meat can be the source of a rare illness Toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis caused by a parasite which can be found in raw meat/undercooked meat. Toxoplasmosis can also be present in cat faeces so disposal of pregnant woman with cats needs to be done carefully.

Foods to avoid in pregnancy - Raw shell fish.

Raw shell fish sometimes contains harmful bacteria or viruses that can cause food poisoning.

Foods to avoid in pregnancy - unpasteurised milk

Foods to avoid in pregnancy also includes any form of unpasteurised milk including goats, sheep and cows milk.

In addition to these foods to avoid in pregnancy, it is also recomennded that alcohol and caffeine are also kept to a minimum.