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Healthy Living - Healthy Eating Tips

Healthy Living - Make A Start

Healthy living A big part of healthy living is to eat healthy people need to learn how to eat smartly. We all know the saying you are what you eat; attention needs to be paid to what foods we are choosing. Food needs to be enjoyable but at the same time provide the nourishment that the body needs. To get on your way to healthy living here a few healthy eating tips

Chew your food

People have busy lives and tend to rush their food rather than savoring every bite. Try chewing slowly and taste what is on the plate. This will help you to enjoy what your are eating, and it gives our brains chance to catch up with our stomachs.

Listen to your body

Ever feel really sluggish after that big meal and extra helping of dessert. Listen to your body, ask yourself are you hungry, stop eating when your are full. Taking these steps and only eating enough to satisfy the hunger, the body will feel more energized.

Try to avoid stress when eating

If a person eats when they feel stressed, this could cause problems with their digestive system and result in colitis or indigestion.

Sit at the table

Try sitting down to in a quiet place to eat your meal, as simple as this sounds it is an effective way to help a person make sure they are not overeating. Watching Television, arguing and eating whilst you work can distract your attention away from listening to your body.

Eating Times

It is important to eat a soon as your awake make this your first priority in the mornings, a good, healthy breakfast kick starts your metabolism. The earlier in the day a person eats the longer their body has to burn off them calories throughout the day.

Little and often

Eating smaller healthy meals is better than three large standard meals a day. This can warn of snack attacks and the temptation to eat the wrong things.


Eating enough calories is important, but don't eat more calories than your body uses. It is recommended a daily intake of calories should be between 1500-2000. This also depends on age, weight, sex, height and physical activities. If dieting remember healthy weight loss is important, Fad diets do not work a healthy living lifestyle and doing things in the correct way is important.

Healthy Living- eat right

Expand your palette

Healthy living requires a person to eat a wide variety of foods, especially vegetables, fruits and whole grain

Portion size

Over the years, portion sizes have increased especially in restaurants. Try and keep portions smaller, especially if consuming "high calorie" foods. Remember you do not need to super size your orders or go large.

Allow yourself treats

Healthy living does not mean your favorite fried food, chocolate, crisp or desserts cant be enjoyed in moderation along side a healthy diet. Do not deny yourself any of your favorite foods, this can lead to binge eating.

Exercise & Healthy Living

Get Active

Part of healthy living involves not only enjoying a healthy diet improves energy and reduces the risk diseases and obesity. Add this together with regular exercise and it can help get results and on to the path for healthy living.