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Herpes Symptoms

What are the Herpes Symptoms?

The severity of herpes symptoms can vary from person to a person with the first outbreak usually being the worst.

Herpes Symptoms in the first outbreak

Herpes symptoms in the first outbreak are usually different from subsequent outbreaks and tend to be more severe and last longer anything up to two weeks. The herpes symptoms will usually appear from anywhere between two and twenty days after first being infected, this is because your body has not had the chance to build up any antibodies to fight the STD. Some of the symptoms that you may experience in a primary infection.

Painful blisters, these blisters will eventually burst leaving an open sore. These are usually around the genitals, rectum, rectum, thighs and sometimes the bum cheeks. In women break outs of blisters and ulcers on the cervix can happen.

It may become painful when passing water

woman may get vaginal discharge

Flu like symptoms can develop with a high temperature and aches and painful Swollen lymph nodes

The sores will eventually form a scab and begin to heal, usually there is no scarring left behind.

Herpes symptoms in Reoccurant outbreaks

After the first outbreak once the herpes have cleared up, the herpes symptoms will subside and disappear leaving the HSV dormant. There is no cure for the HSV (herpes simplex virus), and it will remain in your system, but it will remain inactive. There will usually be reoccur ant outbreaks of genital herpes where the HSV will become active again. The herpes symptoms will usually be less severe than the primary outbreak and herpes symptoms do not last as long. This is because your body has produced antibodies to help fight it as a natural reaction to the first outbreak. Some herpes symptoms experienced in reoccur ant outbreaks:

burning or itching feeling around your genitals sometimes this may be felt down your leg sores on or around rectum, thighs, buttocks and genitals, these will once again burst to leave sores that will scab over woman can also get these blisters and ulcers in the lower part of the womb (cervix)

The herpes symptoms are less severe and will not usually last as long, they generally last around ten days. The body now recognising the virus will more effectively fight the virus with the protective antibodies it has built up. Herpes symptoms in recurrent outbreaks are not usually accompanied with feelings of flu and general illness.

Living with Herpes symptoms and herpes

Over time, each outbreak of the type 1 herpes simplex virus will reoccur less and less, herpes symptoms will become less severe overtime.