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Checking you IUD is still in place

A IUD will only protect you from unwanted pregnancies if it is properly in place. The first few months are the most likely time it will be expelled from the body, in addition to this your monthly period also creates a risk of movement. For these reasons, it is advised after every menstrual cycle you check it is in place.

Step by step guide of how to check your IUD is in place

When you menstrual cycle has ended it is the best time to check, wash your hands and make sure they are dry. Washing your hands reduces the risk of infection.

Either sitting down or using the squat position which ever feels the most comfortable insert your finger into your vagina until you reach your cervix. Your cervix has a firm or rubbery feeling, this is sometimes described as the feeling of touching the end of your nose.

There should be two strings that come down about two inches in length from your cervix. You should only be able to feel the strings and NOT the Intervenice device (IUD).

If the strings are not there, or you can feel the coil (IUD) you need refrain form having unprotected sex until you have seen a doctor.

You should also contact your doctor if any of the following occur whilst using an IUD;

Extended pain in the abdomen after the IUD has been fitted

Change in your menstrual cycle

You think the threads have moved

any unusual vaginal discharge, this could be a sign of infection