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Symptoms of Gonorrhea

symptoms of gonorrhea This STI (sexually transmitted infection) is easily treatable if caught early, symptoms of gonorrhea are not always present especially in woman. Named gonorrhea because it is caused by the bacterium Neissesria gonorrheal. This STD affects both men and woman, in a woman it can infect the cervix, urethra, throat, anus and rectum. Statistics show that gonorrhea affects more woman than men. This makes regular STI testing important if sexually active.

Common symptoms of Gonorrhea

The infection can appear from 1 to 14 days after being exposed to the STI, symptoms of gonorrhea are sometimes not present. Statistics show that nearly half of woman have no idea they have Gonorrhea and have no symptoms. Other woman may experience one or more of the following symptoms of gonorrhea :

Vaginal discharge- a change in vaginal discharge could be a symptom of gonorrhea. There may be a change in the amount, color or smell.

Pain passing water- a burning sensation or general pain whilst urinating could be a symptom of gonorrhea

Anus- another symptom which can be associated with gonorrhea is discharge or itchiness of the anus

Genitals- genitals may become red or swell

Complications & Symptoms of Gonorrhea

These symptoms of gonorrhea are the early symptoms woman may experience, but if gonorrhea is left untreated it can develop in to pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Gonorrhea is a bacteria which can multiply and grow easily in the moist, warm, areas,for example, the fallopian tubes, womb and cervix. Gonorrheal infection of the fallopian tubes can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease,this servere infection of the pelvis is very painful. It could also cause problems with fertility causing problems with becoming pregnant.

Symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease:


Cramping in the pelvic area

Abdominal pain

Pain during/after intercourse

Testing for Gonorrhea

It is important to bear in mind that symptoms of gonorrhea are not always present especially in woman. If a person is sexually active, it is important to have regular testing for all STD's and STI's. There is the number of ways to test for gonorrhea: Urine sample- a sample of urine may be taken then it will be tested to see if the bacterium Neissesria is present Body sample- a swab or sponge sample may be taken from possible infected areas such as the anus, cervix or urethra. Woman may also be given an internal examination this is done in the same way a smear test would be taken. Even if no symptoms of Gonorrhea are present it is important to inform the doctor if you have had oral or anal sex. The doctor may then also want to take samples from the throat or anus.

Home STD test

Gonorrhea test kits are now available to do in the comfort of your own home, they usually require a urine sample. This is then sent off, and the results given to you once the sample has been tested. If you live in the UK free STD tests, are available from your local sexual health clinic or your GP.

Gonorrhea Treatment

You have had the symptoms of gonorrhea and the test which came back positive, the most likely course of treatment is antibiotics either in the form of a pill sometimes an injection. Dependent on the type of antibiotic it is usually just one dose, although some require you to take it for longer. If you are tested positive for gonorrhea, it is important to finish the prescribed course of medication.

After Symptoms of Gonorrhea have gone

The course needs to be finished, and a follow up appointment should be made with your doctor even if you are no longer suffering with the symptoms of gonorrhea. Any sexual contact should be avoided until the medication has been complete and a follow up appointment has been undertaken. Any partner you have has sexual contact with should also be tested even if they have no symptoms of gonorrhea.